Last updated Jan 10, 2021

We firmly beleive that your data is your own personal property. Because of this, we never collect any personally identifiable information about anyone using our apps. If you have any concerns about this policy or want to know more about what data we collect, please email

What information does OpenBudget collect?

OpenBudget collects data about crashes and performance issues using Apple's own crash reporting. OpenBudget will never collect any personal information such as: transaction amounts, personal income, category names or amounts, or any other data you trust to us within the app. OpenBudget will never record or log any events, user interactions or other information regarding a user.

Can I opt out of this data collection?

Well, since we don't collect any analytics data there isn't any collection to opt out of! But, if you still have questions, or are concerned about your privacy and data you can always email me at

What do you do with my information?

Crash information and performance recording allow OpenBudget's developers to fix crashes and improve performance across devices. This data is never shared with 3rd parties, and is always completely anonymous.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Changes to this policy will be available in this page, whether in the app or on our website. If there is an update that isn't propogated to the app, the website version will be the most accurate.