What's New


This is a huge update for OpenBudget! Bugs have been squashed, feedback has been implemented, and everything is a tad nicer. OpenBudget is more capable than ever for taking care of your budget!

🚀 New:

✨ Fixed:
− Sorting a category caused a crash and some crazy flashy animations!
− Categories on the home screen no longer animate, much easier on the eyes
− Crash when opening category menus on the home screen
− Crash when editing transaction
− All transactions disappearing after deleting a transaction
− Transactions with longer names got shortened when viewing them
− Opening a widget or siri search result wouldn't highlight the item on iPad
− When splitting a transaction with many categories, the selected categories would be confused with non-selected ones.

⬆️ Improved:

✅ Accessibility − VoiceOver user's couldn't tap on any of the navigation links (so sorry) − VoiceOver correctly reads the Transactions screen − VoiceOver doesn't get confused when creating Transactions


🚀 New Updated Reports!


🚀 Added:

✨ Fixed: − Crash when editing some transactions


🚀 Added:

✨ Fixed: − Sync issues on categories − Login errors − Other bugs

⬆️ Improved: ~ Sync Quality ~ App launch time




🚀 Added:

✨ Fixed: − Sync bug with deleted categories still appearing on other devices.


🚀 Added:

✨ Fixed: − Incorrect keyboard when splitting a transaction − Crash for some users on onboarding


🚀 Added:+ Change app currency, you can use any iOS currency with OpenBudget. Just go to Settings -> Change Currency and search for the one you want.

✨ Fixed: − Onboarding bugs


🚀 OpenBudget released!