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Introducing OpenBudget 1.4!

🚀 New:

OpenBudget now offers shortcuts for automating your budget however you'd like. You can add a transaction using an input from messages, or send yourself a notification with the balance of a category right before you go grocery shopping. The possibilities are endless!

Our native mac app is available on the mac app store with all the power and simplicity you expect from OpenBudget, now on MacOS. We've tailored the app to feel right at home on the new platform, and made sure to keep it as powerful and easy to use as ever!

Reports have been completely redone from the bottom up. It now displays data about subscriptions, and other recurring transactions. The accuracy and speed have also improved, and now displays data in a more glancable way. We've also added the ability to export transactions to both CSV and QIF!

Alongside the reworked reports, we've added a new widget showing a history chart of a category right on your home screen!

This improvement has been a long time in the making. Accounts are no longer required to use OpenBudget! If you'd like to not use the sync or pro features, you no longer need to create an account and can use OpenBudget in offline mode. Also, the sync system has been improved to be more efficient and less buggy!

The next time you open the app, your account will be automatically transfered to the new system so you won't have to do anything. If you'd like to change accounts or see your information that can be found in Settings -> Cloud.

Other improvements:

✨ Fixed:


In this release:

🚀 New:

✨ Fixed:




− Searching transactions then switching which type of transaction wouldn't remember the original search.

− Multiple selecting transactions would sum up seemingly random transactions.

− -0.00 balances shouldn't appear, should now show up as 0.00.

Feedback or questions? Feel free to email support@openbudget.us


This is a huge update for OpenBudget! Bugs have been squashed, feedback has been implemented, and everything is a tad nicer. OpenBudget is more capable than ever for taking care of your budget!

🚀 New:

✨ Fixed: − Sorting a category caused a crash and some crazy flashy animations! − Categories on the home screen no longer animate, much easier on the eyes − Crash when opening category menus on the home screen − Crash when editing transaction − All transactions disappearing after deleting a transaction − Transactions with longer names got shortened when viewing them − Opening a widget or siri search result wouldn't highlight the item on iPad − When splitting a transaction with many categories, the selected categories would be confused with non-selected ones.

⬆️ Improved:

✅ Accessibility − VoiceOver user's couldn't tap on any of the navigation links (so sorry) − VoiceOver correctly reads the Transactions screen − VoiceOver doesn't get confused when creating Transactions


🚀 New Updated Reports!


🚀 Added:

✨ Fixed: − Crash when editing some transactions


🚀 Added:

✨ Fixed: − Sync issues on categories − Login errors − Other bugs

⬆️ Improved: ~ Sync Quality ~ App launch time




🚀 Added:

✨ Fixed: − Sync bug with deleted categories still appearing on other devices.


🚀 Added:

✨ Fixed: − Incorrect keyboard when splitting a transaction − Crash for some users on onboarding


🚀 Added:+ Change app currency, you can use any iOS currency with OpenBudget. Just go to Settings -> Change Currency and search for the one you want.

✨ Fixed: − Onboarding bugs


🚀 OpenBudget released!